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ARQ SHAHSTRA 800ml عرق شاہترہ | HAMDARD

Arq Shahstra is an effective blood purifier. Remove pimples and freckles of the skin. Beneficial in diseases due to blood disorders




Arq Shahstra by Hamdard emerges as a potent herbal elixir, revered for its multifaceted benefits in purifying the blood, enhancing skin health, and addressing diseases stemming from blood disorders. With its active constituents and potent properties, Arq Shahstra stands as a versatile remedy for various blood-related concerns and skin ailments.


Transitioning into its benefits as an effective blood purifier. It serves as a cornerstone in promoting blood health and overall well-being. Its active ingredients work synergistically to cleanse the blood of impurities and toxins, promoting detoxification and revitalization from within. Moreover, it aids in maintaining optimal blood circulation, ensuring efficient nutrient delivery to cells and tissues throughout the body.

Furthermore, it proves invaluable in removing pimples and freckles from the skin, offering a clear and radiant complexion. Its natural composition helps to regulate sebum production and reduce inflammation, effectively combating acne and skin blemishes. With regular use, individuals experience improved skin texture and tone, leading to enhanced confidence and well-being.

Moreover, it is beneficial in addressing diseases stemming from blood disorders, offering relief from symptoms and promoting overall health. Its active constituents target underlying imbalances in the blood. Hence addressing the root cause of various ailments and promoting healing from within. By incorporating it into daily wellness routines, individuals can experience relief from conditions such as anemia, purpura, and other blood-related disorders.

A holistic approach:

Incorporating Arq Shahstra into daily wellness routines offers a comprehensive approach to promoting blood health and enhancing skin vitality. Its active constituents engage with the body’s systems, promoting balance and harmony. Transitioning effortlessly between its roles as a blood purifier, skin rejuvenator, and disease alleviator. Arq Shahstra emerges as a holistic remedy for blood-related concerns and skin ailments, offering relief and revitalization from within.

In conclusion, Arq Shahstra by Hamdard stands as a testament to the profound synergy between traditional herbal wisdom and modern wellness needs. Through its active voice in promoting blood purification, skin health, and disease alleviation. Arq Shahstra thus embodies the essence of holistic wellness. By integrating this herbal elixir into daily routines, individuals can embark on a journey towards optimal blood health, radiant skin, and inner harmony.

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