BEHI DANA (100gm) بہی دانہ


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quince seeds are also known as behi dana or Bahi dana . A very expensive tonic for your body its an herb about 5000 year old and has been using for years and famous for its countless benefits .Quinch seeds are known as toxic remover,Lever Cleaner,Clean your chest Infection ,quinch seeds remove your toxin from liver and stomach wash our all garbage clean up your blood and make you healthy.
Take 20 gram of quinch seeds and soak them into water over night when you see seeds are converted into gel form and your water turned into gel and become thick form just take it twice a day .Will prevent your body in summer remove your toxic chest infection.
IT is also known as bahi dana in india and asian countries.
Remove wrinkles impove skin
Boost immune system
Prevent cardic disorder
Manage your blood presser
maintain your digestive health

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