GANDHAK AMLA SAR (100GM) گندھک آملہ سر



Yellow Sulfur/Amla Saar Gandhak (آملہ سار گندھک) is commonly used in Asia as an herbal medicine to treat inflammation and cancer. Organic sulfur has been studied on oral and other cancers and has been found to have remarkable benefit in anticancer therapy.

Ingredient Name :


Arabic Name : Kibreet

Bengali Name : Gandrog

Chinese Name : Liu huang

English Name : Sublimed Sulphur

French Name : Soufre Sublim

German Name : Schwefel

Hindi Name : Gandhak

Latin name : Sulphur

Persian Name : Gogroo

Sanskrit Name : Gandhaka

Urdu Name : Gandhak Amlasar


This mineral has no known warnings or contraindications.

The sulfur is prepared from mineral sulfur and is used to treat several health conditions, especially skin problems. In homeopathy, physicians are likely to prescribe the medication sulfur in highly watered down doses to cure health conditions. It is especially effective for treating the skin disorders that go together with tetchiness, severe itching, scorching aches as well as disgusting smells.

Sulfur is also effective in treating digestive disorders such as indigestion that deteriorates following consumption of milk or any dairy product; an inclination to vomit or throw up ingested foods; hunger aches accompanied by a sinking sensation in the stomach that usually crops up around 11 in the morning and chronic diarrhea and vomiting occurring early in the morning. Such type of digestive problems is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as a bloated stomach and a number of serious problems associated with digesting foods. The symptoms associated with this kind of digestive disorders may also include belching and flatulence (accumulation of gas produced by the gastrointestinal tract), upset stomach, redness as well as itching in the region of the anus, scorching hemorrhoids (accumulation of enlarged veins in swollen tissue at the fringe of the anus or inside the rectum), and also anal fissures (cracks in the mucous membrane of the anus).

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