‘HAKEEM ONLINE APPOINTMENT WITH HAKEEM SHAHZAD KHALID (FTJ)’ – A digital healthcare platform led by dedicated experts.


HAKEEM ONLINE APPOINTMENT WITH  SHAHZAD KHALID (FTJ)” –  comprehensive digital platform by a team of dedicated healthcare experts led by Hakeem Shahzad Khalid (FTJ) MEMBER (TBCCT) .

To book an appointment, simply follow these steps:
1. Make a payment of Rs.1000 through Jazzcash to 03227655519 (Shahzad Khalid).
2. After payment, schedule your appointment through WhatsApp.
3. Choose between a WhatsApp call or video call for your two sessions within a span of 10 days.

Experience the convenience of modern healthcare from the comfort of your home with our expert team of Hakeem Shahzad Khalid (FTJ). We offer holistic healthcare solutions through personalized online sessions, helping you achieve optimal well-being and health. Don’t miss this opportunity to prioritize your health and receive professional healthcare advice from the comfort of your own space.

We are pleased to offer multiple payment methods for your convenience, including bank transfer options for international customers.

For bank transfers, use the following details:
– IBAN#: PK58FAYS0288007900178638
– Account Holder: SHAHZAD KHALID
– Bank Name: FAYSAL BANK
– Swift Code: FAYSPKKA111

International customers can make their payment through this secure bank transfer method, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Once the payment is completed, kindly schedule your appointment through WhatsApp, and our team of dedicated healthcare experts, led by Hakeem Shahzad Khalid (FTJ), will be delighted to provide you with two sessions within 10 days via WhatsApp call or video call. Prioritize your health with “HAKEEM ONLINE APPOINTMENT WITH HAKEEM SHAHZAD KHALID (FTJ)” and experience expert healthcare advice at your convenience.


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