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Jernide is very effective for relieving the hypersensitivity of male reproductive organs and glands, also the swelling of seminiferous tubules.

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Jernide, formulated by Hamdard, emerges as a potent herbal remedy renowned for its multifaceted benefits in alleviating male reproductive issues and glandular hypersensitivity. Transitioning seamlessly into its therapeutic actions, this herbal formulation proves invaluable in addressing various concerns related to male reproductive health.


Primarily, Jernide serves as a formidable ally in relieving the hypersensitivity of male reproductive organs and glands. A common issue that can lead to discomfort and dysfunction. With its soothing and calming properties, it helps to reduce sensitivity and inflammation in the reproductive organs. Tus promoting overall reproductive wellness.

Furthermore, it is highly effective in addressing the swelling of seminiferous tubules. The structures within the testes responsible for sperm production. By reducing inflammation and swelling, this herbal formulation helps to restore normal function to the seminiferous tubules. Thus ensuring optimal sperm production and quality.

Moreover, it plays a crucial role in correcting the functions of the male reproductive system. Such as addressing issues as burning micturition and stopping seminal discharge. With its regulatory effects on reproductive function, this herbal remedy helps to restore balance and harmony to the reproductive system, hence alleviating discomfort and promoting healthy reproductive function.

Additionally, Jernide proves highly effective in checking abnormal nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea, and premature ejaculation, all of which can significantly impact male reproductive health and overall well-being. Through its tonic and regulatory actions, this herbal formulation helps to stabilize and regulate the release of semen, thus preventing unwanted discharge and promoting sexual health.


Each 5 mL contains

  • Glycyrrhiza glabra (dry concentrate)        0.30 gm
  • Extract of Cascara sagrada            0.10 gm
  • Extract of Atropa acuminate       0.15 mL
  • Excipients            q.s.

One teaspoonful two times a day after each meal or two teaspoonsful at bedtime or as directed by the physician.

In conclusion, Jernide offers a comprehensive approach to male reproductive health, providing relief from hypersensitivity, inflammation, and dysfunction in the reproductive organs and glands. With its natural and effective formulation, this herbal remedy offers hope and support to individuals seeking to optimize their reproductive wellness and overcome male reproductive issues. jernide

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