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Khameera Banafsha Boosts immunity, calms, and aids cough ,throat infection, digestion. Pure, natural, and effective. Your wellness, our priority.




Khameera Banafsha by Ashraf Laboratories – Your Natural Wellness Companion! Discover the age-old remedy trusted by generations. Khameera Banafsha, crafted with care by Ashraf Laboratories, brings you the essence of nature’s healing power. This product is your key to holistic well-being. Khameera Banafsha is steeped in the rich traditions of Unani, Alternative, and Ayurvedic medicine. It’s a harmonious blend of natural ingredients, carefully selected for their health benefits.


Transitioning to its multifaceted benefits, Khamira Banafsha by Ashraf Laboratories emerges as a potent solution for various health concerns.

Primarily, it addresses constipation, cold, catarrh, cough, and excessive yellow bile, thus providing effective relief for these common ailments. By targeting these conditions, it ensures relief from discomfort and promotes overall well-being.

Moreover, it maintains cerebral freshness, enhancing mental clarity and vitality. By promoting cognitive function and mental acuity, it supports overall brain health and function, ensuring optimal performance and well-being.

Additionally, Khamira Banafsha acts as a versatile remedy for a range of respiratory issues. It effectively relieves symptoms of cold, catarrh, and cough, hence providing relief from congestion and respiratory discomfort. By soothing the respiratory tract and promoting expectoration, it helps individuals breathe more easily and comfortably.

Furthermore, it regulates bile production, preventing excessive yellow bile and associated digestive issues. By balancing bile production, it supports healthy digestion and prevents discomfort such as indigestion and bloating.

Pure and Natural:

Ashraf Laboratories ensures that every gram of Khameera Banafsha is pure and unadulterated, just as nature intended. No additives, no compromises. Incorporating Khameera Banafsha into your daily routine is a breeze. Just follow the recommended dosage for maximum benefits. Incorporating Khamira Banafsha into one’s wellness routine offers comprehensive support for multiple aspects of health. With its diverse benefits and therapeutic properties, it promotes overall well-being and vitality, ensuring optimal function and balance in both the physical and mental realms.

Embrace the goodness of nature with Khameera Banafsha 100 grams by Ashraf Laboratories. Your path to well-being starts here. Elevate your health naturally! KHAMEERA BANAFSHA

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