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Kushta Faulad ShingrafiEmbrace the vitality-enhancing power embark on a journey towards robust health. Discover the herbal remedy that fortifies your body 🌿


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Kushta Faulad Shingrafi is a fortification for vitality and wellness. In the realm of traditional Unani medicine, Kushta Faulad Shingrafi, a distinguished creation of Ashraf Laboratories, stands as a beacon of strength and vitality. This meticulously crafted formulation is designed to fortify the body against a spectrum of weaknesses.Thus encompassing gastric, hepatic, nervous, muscular, and even sexual aspects. Embodying the essence of a hematogenic agent, it therefore addresses concerns like paleness, breathing new life into weary souls.

A Hematogenic Marvel:

The term ‘hematogenic’ finds its roots in ‘hema,’ meaning blood. Kushta Faulad Shingrafi, with its profound hematogenic properties, emerges as a potent catalyst in the journey to robust health. By augmenting the production of healthy blood cells, it thus endeavors to combat paleness and rejuvenate the individual.

Conquering Gastric Weakness:

Gastric weakness can lead to a plethora of discomforts, from indigestion to flatulence. It strides forward as a formidable ally, seeking to restore equilibrium in the digestive system. Through its natural constituents, it aims to harmonize the gastric processes,  hence fostering a sense of comfort and well-being.

Empowering the Hepatic System:

The liver, often regarded as the body’s metabolic powerhouse, plays a pivotal role in overall health. Kushta Faulad Shingrafi extends its support to this vital organ, aiming to bolster hepatic functions. By enhancing liver health, it contributes to the optimization of various metabolic processes, hence promoting a state of vitality.

Soothing Nervous Weakness:

Nervous weakness can manifest in various ways, from lethargy to tremors. Kushta Faulad Shingrafi steps in as a stabilizing force, seeking to calm the nervous system. Through its harmonizing properties, it strives to alleviate the burdens associated with nervous weakness, thus paving the way for a more serene existence.

Strengthening Muscular Integrity:

Muscles form the bedrock of physical strength and mobility. Kushta Faulad Shingrafi acknowledges their significance and endeavors to fortify muscular integrity. By supporting muscle health, it therefore aims to enhance physical vigor and resilience, fostering a sense of robustness.

Revitalizing Sexual Vitality:

Sexual well-being is integral to one’s overall vitality and confidence. Kushta Faulad Shingrafi, with its carefully chosen ingredients, seeks to empower individuals in this intimate aspect of life. By addressing weaknesses related to sexual health, it thus endeavors to restore vigor and vitality.

The Legacy of Ashraf Laboratories:

Kushta Faulad Shingrafi bears witness to the unwavering commitment of Ashraf Laboratories to provide herbal solutions of unparalleled quality. Each ingredient undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity and effectiveness, overall upholding the legacy of herbal excellence.

Embrace Kushta Faulad Shingrafi, Embrace Vitality:

For those seeking a natural approach to fortify their bodies against a spectrum of weaknesses, Kushta Faulad Shingrafi emerges as a potent herbal ally. Its ability to combat gastric, hepatic, nervous, muscular, and sexual weaknesses, while addressing concerns like paleness, positions it as a valuable asset in the journey to holistic wellness.

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