Majun Hijir Alyahud, a renowned formulation by Hamdard, offers a plethora of benefits specifically targeted towards addressing kidney and bladder stones.


Majun Hijir Alyahud, a renowned formulation by Hamdard, offers a plethora of benefits specifically targeted towards addressing kidney and bladder stones. Rooted in the rich tradition of Unani medicine, it emerges as a potent herbal remedy revered for its efficacy in combating these common urinary tract ailments.


Majun Hijir Alyahud proves highly effective in the dissolution and expulsion of kidney and bladder stones. These stones, formed from crystallized minerals and salts in the urinary tract, can cause excruciating pain and discomfort. It addresses this condition by actively breaking down the stones and facilitating their passage through the urinary system. Thereby providing relief from pain and promoting urinary tract health.

Moreover, it helps to prevent the recurrence of kidney and bladder stones. Therefore by addressing the underlying factors that contribute to their formation. By promoting proper hydration and urinary tract function, as well as regulating mineral balance in the body. It thus reduces the risk of stone formation and recurrence, ensuring long-term urinary tract health and well-being.

Furthermore, It offers comprehensive support for kidney and bladder health, alleviating symptoms associated with urinary tract infections and inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties help to soothe irritated tissues, reduce inflammation, and combat bacterial infections in the urinary tract. Thereby promoting overall urinary tract health and comfort.

Additionally, It is well-tolerated and safe for long-term use. Hence making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a natural and sustainable solution for kidney and bladder stones. Its gentle yet effective formulation ensures that individuals can experience relief from urinary tract ailments. Without thinking about the risk of adverse side effects or complications.


In conclusion, Majun Hijir Alyahud by Hamdard stands as a reliable and effective herbal remedy for addressing kidney and bladder stones and promoting urinary tract health. With its natural ingredients and holistic approach to wellness, Majun Hijir Alyahud offers comprehensive relief from the pain, discomfort, and complications associated with urinary tract stones. Whether seeking relief from existing stones or looking to prevent their recurrence, Majun Hijir Alyahud provides a safe, natural, and sustainable solution for promoting optimal urinary tract health and overall well-being. Majun Hijir Alyahud

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