Mirch Safaid (100gm) مرچ سفید


Mirch Safaid stimulant (particularly of the taste buds), sialagogue, carminative, alterative (antiperiodic and rubefacient), febrifuge and appetizing.

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Mirch Safaid or white pepper at sknatural is basically decorticated black pepper. It is obtained from plant Piper nigrum Linn. It belongs to family “Piperaceae”.  This is warm and dry in third order.


Stimulant (particularly of the taste buds), sialagogue, carminative, stomachic, alterative (antiperiodic and rubefacient), febrifuge and appetizing. Piperine, the active component is referred as antipyretic (antiperiodic), emmenagoguge, detersive and rubefacient.

Other names:
  • Arabic Name: Filfil Abyad
  • Urdu Name: Filfil Safed, Safed Mirch, Gol-Mirch
  • English Name: White Pepper
Recommende dosage:

350 mg. – 1.25 g. Described as harmful for individuals with warm temperament and for those suffering from pharyngeal disorders.

Medicinal uses:

Mirch Safaid garners global renown as a culinary spice and condiment. People often recommend it for various gastric ailments, including cholera, dyspepsia, flatulence, and diarrhea. An infusion of it (1 in 80) acts as a useful stimulant gargle for relieving relaxed sore throat and related hoarseness. Additionally, when applied externally as a paste with water, it alleviates toothache.

In cases of intermittent fever and flatulent dyspepsia, experts recommend approximately 15 grams of white pepper. It undergoes boiling overnight in a small amount of water, then cooled and used in the morning for a period of 7 days. Furthermore, the utilization of white pepper confection proves beneficial for conditions of rectal relaxation associated with prolapse.

White pepper also serves as a detersive, absorbent, and rubefacient agent. People apply it over patches in vitiligo and leucoderma and massage it onto painful areas for its analgesic properties. When combined with gum (of fir/zift), individuals apply it over blind ulcers to facilitate resolution. Similarly, it relieves inflammations of phlegmatic origin when applied externally.

Chewing white pepper with raisins (muwaiz) helps halt unwanted secretion of cephalic origin. Externally, individuals apply it over the spleen region with acetic acid to resolve inflammations. When combined with honey, it serves as a linctus for phlegmatic cough and asthma. Additionally, it plays a corrective role in formulations containing cold drugs. Mirch Safaid

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