Qurs Sehar, prepared by Hamdard, emerges as a potent remedy for addressing tuberculosis and promoting healing in the lungs.


Qurs Sehar, by Hamdard, emerges as a potent remedy for addressing tuberculosis and promoting healing in the lungs. With its unique formulation, it offers multiple benefits including curing bulges and wounds of the lungs, as well as alleviating mild fever associated with this condition. Therefore making it an essential addition to tuberculosis treatment.


Transitioning seamlessly from its role in providing relief to its efficacy in addressing specific tuberculosis symptoms. Qurs Sehar embodies the essence of holistic care for respiratory wellness. Its active ingredients work synergistically to combat the tuberculosis bacteria, promote lung healing, and alleviate associated symptoms.

First and foremost, it serves as a reliable remedy for tuberculosis. Thus offering relief from the symptoms and complications associated with this respiratory condition. Its antimicrobial properties help combat the tuberculosis bacteria, reducing their proliferation and promoting healing in the lungs.

Moreover, it cures bulges and wounds of the lungs, helping to repair damaged tissues and restore lung function. Its healing properties promote tissue regeneration, reducing inflammation and promoting overall lung health.

In addition to addressing tuberculosis and lung wounds, it alleviates mild fever, a common symptom experienced by individuals with this condition. Its antipyretic properties help reduce fever and promote comfort, allowing individuals to experience relief from fever-related discomforts.

Furthermore, it supports the immune system, helping the body fight off tuberculosis infection more effectively. Its immunomodulatory properties help strengthen the immune response, reducing the severity and duration of tuberculosis symptoms.

Additionally, it aids in the prevention of tuberculosis complications, such as lung abscesses and pleural effusion. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation in the lungs, preventing the development of secondary infections and promoting faster recovery.

Qurs Sehar emerges as a trusted ally in the management of tuberculosis and respiratory wellness. Its comprehensive approach to care addresses not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of tuberculosis, offering long-term relief and promoting overall respiratory health.


In conclusion, Qurs Sehar stands as a testament to Hamdard’s commitment to providing safe and effective remedies derived from the bounty of nature. Whether used to treat tuberculosis, cure lung wounds, or alleviate mild fever, Qurs Sehar offers a holistic solution that embraces the principles of natural healing. With its potent blend of herbal ingredients, Qurs Sehar empowers individuals to take control of their respiratory health and enjoy a life free from tuberculosis-related discomforts. qurs sehar

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