SHARBAT FAULAD 175ml شربت فولاد | HAMDARD


Sharbat Faulad by Hamdard is a useful hematogen which cures hepatic and nervous weakness, anaemia, facial paleness and general debility.


Sharbat Faulad, prepared by Hamdard, offers a myriad of benefits for promoting good health and vitality. It serves as a valuable Tibb-e-Islami hematogen, effectively addressing hepatic and nervous weakness, anaemia, facial paleness, and general debility.


Primarily, Sharbat Faulad proves highly effective in combating hepatic weakness. A condition characterized by impaired liver function and associated symptoms such as fatigue and digestive disturbances. By virtue of its hepatotonic properties, it helps strengthen liver tissues, improve liver function, and promote detoxification. Thereby restoring liver health and vitality.

Moreover, it addresses nervous weakness. A condition characterized by fatigue, irritability, and poor concentration, often associated with stress and nutritional deficiencies. Its nervine tonic properties help nourish and support the nervous system, promote relaxation, and enhance mental clarity. Thereby alleviating symptoms of nervous weakness and promoting overall well-being.

It serves as an effective remedy for anaemia, a condition characterized by low levels of red blood cells or haemoglobin in the blood. Its hematogenic properties help stimulate red blood cell production, improve iron absorption, and enhance oxygen transport to body tissues. Thereby alleviating symptoms of anaemia such as fatigue, weakness, and paleness.

Furthermore, it addresses facial paleness, a common symptom of anaemia and general debility. By virtue of its blood-building and revitalizing properties, it helps improve blood circulation, restore healthy complexion. It promotes a rosy glow to the cheeks. Thereby enhancing facial appearance and promoting overall vitality.

Additionally, it proves beneficial in combating general debility, a condition characterized by weakness, fatigue, and lack of energy, often associated with poor nutrition, illness, or stress. Its tonic and rejuvenating properties help replenish energy reserves, strengthen the body’s defenses, and promote overall vitality and well-being.

Moreover, it supports overall health and vitality by promoting nutrient absorption, boosting immune function, and enhancing metabolic processes. Its tonic and nutritive properties help nourish the body, improve resilience against infections, and support optimal functioning of various organ systems. Thereby promoting overall health and vitality.


In conclusion, Sharbat Faulad by Hamdard emerges as a versatile therapeutic agent, offering comprehensive support for liver health, nervous system function, blood circulation, and overall vitality. Its active constituents work synergistically to address hepatic and nervous weakness, anaemia, facial paleness, and general debility, thereby promoting good health and well-being. With its proven efficacy and safety profile, it serves as a valuable addition to any wellness regimen, providing holistic support for optimal health and vitality. Sharbat faulad

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