TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL (15ml) ٹی ٹری آئل



TeaTea tree oil is used as an ideal natural hand sanitizer.
Its antibacterial effects helps to control underarm odor related to perspiration.
Antiseptic for Minor Cuts and Scrapes
Act as Wound Healing agent
Very effective against acne
Cures Nail Fungus
Soothes skin inflammation
Also controls dandruff

ایک قدرتی ہینڈ سینیٹائزر کے طور پر استمعال ہوتا ہے
اس کے اینٹی بیکٹیریل اثرات پسینے سے متعلق غیر اعلانیہ بدبو کو کنٹرول کرنے میں مدد کرتے ہیں۔
معمولی کٹوتیوں اور سکریپس کے لئے اینٹی سیپٹیک
زخم کی شفا یابی کے ایجنٹ کے طور پر کام کریں
مہاسوں کے خلاف بہت موثر ہے
ناخن کی فنگس کا علاج کرتا ہے
جلد کی سوجن کو سکون دیتا ہے
خشکی کو بھی کنٹرول کرتا ہے

Information and Health Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

The tea tree essential oils are said to be the best source when it comes to the use in cosmetics, topical medicines and other household products. You must know that every oil has its benefits and best results only when it comes to the purity of it from the moment it is being extracted from the plant. The SK Naturals have the best quality tea tree essential oils in Pakistan which are collected from the best quality plants by experts! Now before placing your order you must read some important facts about the use of tea tree essential oils by SK Naturals!

  1. The best tea tree oils are available in Australia, and all of our extractions are made from the best quality plants!
  2. The oil simply is the best antibacterial agent you can use for home remedies.
  3. The oil also has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, and that is why it has been being used in medicines for hundreds of years.
  4. The biggest property of the pure oil by SK Naturals is that it can treat the severe acne or contact dermatitis if used on a regular base!
  5. One of its more important uses is that it can make your head and hair lice free and reduce itchiness!
  6. You must ensure that this oil is not swallowed directly!

You can place your orders today and can get the best rates in the market by SK Naturals. We promise quality and most importantly efficient results when it comes to the use of our products!

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