AFSANTEEN (100gm) افسنتین


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AFSANTEEN  افسنتین

It is unani medicine and also use in many Chinese medicines
Having bitter and slightly aromatic taste .
Other names:
In english:
It is called
1) Absinthe,
3) green ginger,
4) madderwort,

In hindi it is called:
1) vilayathi afsanteen
Artemisia absinthium linn (Afsanteen) is an aromatic, bitter, shrubby plant.
It is semi-woody and clump-formed material

Afsanteen is used for solve many digestion problems such as
1) loss of appetite,
2) upset stomach,
3) gall bladder disease
4) intestinal spasms.
5) Wormwood is also used to treat fever,
6) liver disease,
7) depression,
8) muscle pain,
9) memory loss
10) worm infections;
11) to increase sexual desire;
12) as a tonic; and to stimulate sweating.
13) Afsanteen having antimalarial properties too.
How to take AFSANTEEN:
Take a hot cup of water and mix 1 teaspoon of afsanteen in it (which is nearly equal to 5 grams )
Prescribed dose of afsanteen in adult human is 15 grams
You may take 1 teaspoon in hot water 3 times per day.

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