Magaz Banola (100gm) مغزبنولہ


Magaz Banola are Fattening, aphrodisiac, semenagogue and lactagogue, expectorant and purgative of excess phlegmatic humour, detersive.

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Magaz Banola at sknatural are seeds of Gossypium wightianum Todaro. It belongs to family “Malvaceae’. Generally, people use its seeds and oil. It is warm and moist in second degree. The mature seeds are brown ovoids, each weighing about a tenth of a gram. By weight, they consist of 60% cotyledon, 32% coat, and 8% embryonic root and shoot. These seeds contain approximately 20% protein, 20% oil, and 3.5% starch.

Fibers grow from the seed coat, forming a boll of cotton lint.Ginning strips the boll from the seed when the plant is grown commercially, and processors subsequently convert the lint into cotton fiber. The production of every unit weight of fiber generates approximately 1.6 units of seeds. Farmers press the seeds to extract oil, which serves as ruminant animal feed, contributing about 15% of the value of the crop. Moreover, farmers reserve roughly 5% of the seeds for sowing the next crop.

Other names:

Arabic Name(s): Habul Qatan, Shamiul Arab, Ainun
Urdu Name(s): Panbah dana, Binola, Kapah, Kapas
English Name(s): Cotton seeds

Recommended dosage:

5 to 9 g. Harmful for kidneys in large doses.

Medicinal uses:

Generally, a sweet dish made from the magaz banola or as a pap made from suji, sugar, milk, water, anise, and cardamoms holds value for its nutritive, fattening, aphrodisiac, semenagogue, and lactagogue properties. People use it to alleviate coughs due to its expectorant and laxative effects, particularly for phlegm. Its beneficial sap and detersive action make it a component in embrocations (Tila), which effectively combat freckles, pimples, and grey spots on the body, skin, and face. Massaging it over affected areas brings relief from such conditions and complaints.

Furthermore, people consider the sweet pap made from the seed kernel effective against headaches. The extracted oil can substitute for olive oil. When used as a pessary, the oil acts as an emmenagogue, ecbolic, and expellant of the placenta. Using a pessary dipped in cotton oil is believed to have antifertility properties when used for a considerable or prescribed duration.

Additionally, people believe that syrup made from the flowers is useful against insanity and melancholic disorders, particularly hypochondriasis. Magaz Banola

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