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Malkangni is Nervine tonic, improving intellect, antiphlegmatic useful against affections of cold origin, stomach and digestive tonic, aphrodisiac.

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Malkangni at sknatural is Celastrus paniculata Willd. It belongs to family  “Celastraceae”. It is warm and dry in third order/warm in third order, dry in
second. Generally, people use its seeds.

The primary chemical constituents of Malkangani include celapagin, paniculate, and several other alkaloids. Additionally, it is rich in bi-cyclic sesquiterpenes, tricyclic sesquiterpenes, terpene alcohols. As well as, it contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, ketones, and esters. Palmitic acid is the main component identified in its essential oil, while the seeds also contain terpene compounds and flavonoids, making them highly rich in antioxidant constituents.


Nervine tonic, improving intellect, antiphlegmatic useful against affections of cold origin. It is also stomach and digestive tonic, carminative, aphrodisiac, blood purifier, expectorant and laxative for phlegm, emollient, alterative. Oil is rubefacient and pain relieving.

Other names:

Arabic Name: Arujee
Urdu Name: Mal Kangni
English Name: Staff tree, Intellect plant

Recommended dosage:

600 mg. – 1 g

Medicinal uses:

The seeds of Malkangni possess effective antiphlegmatic properties and effectively remedy atrabilious cold affections such as rheumatism, paralysis, facial paralysis, back pain, gout, and sciatica. They play a role in nervine and stimulant aphrodisiac preparations, and also serve as expectorants for phlegm and laxatives for whooping cough or pertussis and productive cough.

Moreover, they administer a decoction of the seeds in nervous affections, either alone or in combination with aromatics. Combining them with benzoin, cloves, nutmeg, and mace results in potent oil, effective for beriberi and as a powerful local stimulant for cold painful affections like rheumatism, palsy, and muscular pains. Furthermore, they include it in liniments and embrocations to induce aphrodisiac effects and to serve as a useful blood purifier when added to preparations used in conditions such as leprosy, leucoderma, irritation, and scabies.

Experimentally, seed oil demonstrates sedative, tranquilizing, spasmolytic, and vasoconstriction activities on blood vessels. However, in high doses, the oil can lead to significant side effects and has been described as harmful when used for prolonged durations, especially by individuals with warm temperaments. Malkangni

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