Phool Makhana | 100gm| پھول مکھانہ


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Phool makhana or fox nuts is often called gorgon nuts. It’s often taken as snack in most parts of Asia especially in South Asia. Phool makhana is basically the roasted form of lotus seeds. Lotus seeds were widely used in making snacks and sweets in India and Pakistan. The roasted form of lotus seeds i.e. Phool makhana is also used to make such snacks and sweets like Panjeeri or Gur kay Laddu. Phool makhana is often mixed in melted brown sugar to make a cake like rice cake (Murunda).

Health Benefits of Phool Makhana

Phool Makhana is not just a snack or an ingredient for making sweet dishes and panjeeri, it has several health benefits as well. Here below you will notice some of the health benefits of foxnuts or phool makhana:

  1. Being enriched in flavonoids, Phool Makhana is often used as anti-inflammatory snack. You will find fox nuts or roasted lotus seeds in almost every house in villages of India and Pakistan.
  2. Another amazing benefit of taking phool makhana regularly is that it stops aging effect. And you would have noticed that villages look much younger than people living in the cities. And fox nuts is one of the reason.
  3. For men and women who are facing problem of infertility can take phool makhana as cure.
  4. Phool Makhana is rich in calcium and it can be given to kids for stronger bones and teeth.
  5. You might be wondered to know that phool makhana also helps in regulating blood pressure.

Hope you would be wondering why you ignored this simple yet natural snack. You can order Phool Makhana from SK Natural without any delay at very affordable price.

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