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Magaz Pista with somewhat terebenthinate flavour is nutritious and nourishing, have sedative and tonic properties particularly for heart and brain.


Magaz Pista at sknatural is nut or seed of plant Pistacia vera Linn. It belongs to family “Anacardiaceae”. Generally, people use its nut and peel i:e seed and testa.

Generally, the tree can reach heights of up to 10 meters (33 feet). It features deciduous, pinnate leaves measuring 10–20 centimeters (4–8 inches) in length. It is dioecious in nature, with separate male and female trees. Hence, it bears apetalous and unisexual flowers arranged in panicles.

The fruit of this tree is a drupe, containing an elongated seed that constitutes the edible portion. Though commonly referred to as a nut, the seed is actually a culinary nut, not a botanical one. Encased within a hard, cream-colored exterior shell, the seed boasts a mauve-colored skin and light green flesh, characterized by a distinct flavor.

As the fruit ripens, the shell transitions from green to an autumnal yellow/red hue and abruptly splits partly open, a phenomenon known as dehiscence, often accompanied by an audible pop. Indeed this trait of splitting open has been selectively cultivated by humans. Commercial cultivars may also vary in their consistency of this characteristic.


The fruit (seed) with somewhat terebenthinate flavour is nutritious and nourishing, have sedative and tonic properties particularly for heart and brain. It is also regarded as a sexual tonic, fattening and expectorant.

Nutritional elements:

Amount Per 100 grams

  • Calories 562
  •                                            % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 45 g                            69%
  • Saturated fat 6g                        30%
  • Sodium 1 mg                               0%
  • Potassium 1,025 mg                 29%
  • Total Carbohydrate 28 g            9%
  • Dietary fiber 10 g                       40%
  • Sugar 8 g
  • Protein 20 g                                 40%
  • Vitamin C                                       9%
  • Calcium                                         10%
  • Iron                                                21%
  • Vitamin B6                                   85%
  • Magnesium                                  30%

Generally pericarp moist in first order and epicarp cold and dry in second order.

Other names:

Arabic Name(s): Mistaka, Fustuq, Samar ash-Shajarah

Urdu Name(s): Pistah, Fastaq, Pista

English Name(s): Pistachio Nut.

Recommended dosage:

Generally nuts (Seeds) 6 g

Medicinal uses:

Traditionally used in many forms raw and ripe, in sweet dishes, ice cream and snacks – it is nutritious and has no particular side effects, but harmful while individual suffer from chronic ailments. Magaz Pista, sweet and also agreeable, serve as a nutritious and wholesome food. People often incorporate them into various confections and desserts, as well as used in numerous kitchen preparations for flavoring.

Additionally, Magaz Pista are included in aphrodisiac confections and utilized to alleviate kidney and general debilitating conditions, as well as to address coughs and facilitate expectoration. Moreover, pistachio oil is considered demulcent and can be used as a substitute for almond oil. Magaz Pista

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