Majeeth مجیٹھ


Majeeth is Deobstruent, alexipharmic, powerful emmenagogue, astringent, antipyretic, diuretic, analgesic, anodyne, caustic, alterative and antidysenteric.

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Majeeth at sknatural is Rubia cordifolia Linn. It belongs to family “Rubiaceae”. People use its dried roots (mostly), and occasionally leaves, fruit and
stems. It is hot and dry in second order.

Other names:

Family: Rubiaceae
Arabic Name(s): Favah, Hasalban, Aklilul Jabal, Aruq al Sabegh,
Urdu Name(s): Majith, Romnas, Aruq Ahmar, Manjesta, Manjeth
English Name(s): Indian Madder/Dyer’s Madder

Recommended dosage:

3-5 g.

Medicinal uses:

The different parts of Rubia spp. hold esteem for their usefulness in external applications due to their astringency. People apply them to inflamed parts, ulcers, fractures, and even rub them with honey on the brown spots of Pityriasis versicolor. Additionally, they serve as effective deobstruents prescribed for obstructions of the urinary passages and amenorrhea, as well as for paralytic affections and jaundice.

Moreover, people regard the fruit, particularly, as especially effective in hepatic obstructions. Furthermore, they use the root paste made with honey as a useful application for freckles and other common skin discolorations. The entire plant is esteemed as alexipharmic and applied locally to procure this effect following an attack of poisonous insects.

Furthermore, the root infusion serves as an effective drink in cases of scanty lochial discharge. Along with its emmenagogue action in uterine disorders, it exerts ailment-specific compound effects. It hastens the inception of menstruation and proves useful in the treatment of overdue menses.

Furthermore, it serves as a useful diuretic for the kidney and bladder and a deobstruent for stones and gravels in these organs. When bruised and mixed in vinegar, people esteem it as caustic and apply it on freckles, ringworm, vitiligo, and variable skin spots. It also proves effective in rheumatism and arthritis, as well as in hemorrhages, acting as a bacteriostatic against Staphylococcus aureus.

Moreover, reports indicate its value in tuberculous diarrhea, where it acts as a sedative, and in tuberculous intestinal ulceration, where it acts as an anodyne. People also use a decoction of leaves and stems as a vermifuge. Majeeth

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