Sandal Safaid (100gm) صندل سفید


Sandal Safaid The wood is bitter, cooling, sedative, expectorant, antipyretic, diaphoretic, diuretic, stimulant and astringent.

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Sandal Safaid at sknatural is Santalum album Linn. It belongs to family “Santalaceae” . Generally people use its wood (and saw dust), oil. It is cold and dry in third order/Cold and dry in second order.

Other names:

Arabic Name(s): Khushb sandal, Sandal Abiyaz
Urdu Name(s): Sandal Safaid, Chandan Safaid
English Name(s): Sandal


The wood is bitter, cooling, sedative, expectorant, antipyretic, diaphoretic, diuretic, stimulant and astringent. Oil is astringent and has disinfective action on the mucous membranes of the genito-urinary and bronchial tracts. Some antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial activity in Sandal wood oil has also been reported.

Recommended dosage:

5-7 g

Medicinal Uses:

Generally Utilizing sandalwood medicinally alleviates biliousness, fever, and thirst. People apply it as a paste, mixing it with rose water, to inflamed swellings, prickly heat, and also skin eruptions. Additionally, it is applied to the temples to alleviate headaches, fevers, and hemicrania, and to the skin to alleviate itching, inflammations, heat, and pruritus associated with skin diseases.

Moreover, employing an emulsion of sandalwood cools the skin in cases of erysipelas and prurigo. To alleviate morbid thirst, people consume a powder of sandalwood with coconut water. Administering a watery emulsion of sandalwood, mixed with sugar, honey, and rice water, alleviates gastric irritability, dysentery, and also relieves thirst and body heat.

Furthermore, people use sawdust from sandalwood, made into pills or mixed with cow’s milk, to treat gonorrhea, and applying it locally prevents excessive perspiration. Sandalwood essential oil is a key ingredient in scented hair oils and numerous floral extracts. This oil effectively treats scabies at every stage. Mixing sandalwood oil in double the quantity of mustard oil makes it a beneficial application for pimples on the nose.

‘Ilaj al-Ghurba’ recommends a paste made of equal parts of sandalwood oil and borax, diluted with water, as an effective treatment for pityriasis versicolor and similar skin conditions. Sandalwood oil effectively treats chronic cough and gonorrhea. Furthermore, people apply the bark of sandalwood to the skin in cases of erysipelas and prurigo. Lastly, a syrup made from an infusion of sandalwood is beneficial for palpitation, tachycardia, stomach, or intestinal irritation, and bilious diarrhea. Sandal Safaid

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